Park'n Plug offers solutions adapted to your needs

Choose your charging station(s)

Level 1
1,4 kW
EV, PHEV, scooter

Charges 45 km in 3h

1,4 kW - 120 V

(installation included)

Level 2
3,6 and 7,2 kW

Charges 100 km in 3h

3,6 / 7,2 kW - 208 / 240 V

(installation included)

Installation of NEMO

Individual option

The co-owners do not purchase the NEMO box. The EV owner purchases a license to use the NEMO box in addition to his individual equipment (charging station).

Collective option

The co-owners purchase the NEMO box (installation included).

Choose your charging station(s)

Light option

Access to the consumptions

Zen option

Access to the consumptions
+ Automatic billing of the users

What to do

1st client contact
Demand’s definition

Technical visit
& study


Project validation
in general meeting
of joint owners



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